Tracy Courtney

Other Equine Workshops

YISHI Workshop

Yishi is a way of giving back to our horses by using a series of movements, stretches & massage to help our horses relax mentally, emotionally & physically. It’s about stepping off the merry-go-round of everyday life - learning to slow down, relax & enjoy time with our horses & other equine enthusiasts

The goal is to create groups of individuals who meet on a regular basis to unwind & relax with their horses 

"Temporary solutions will always create fresh problems" - Tracy Courtney

Child Safety & Control (ground)

Child Safety & Control (saddle)

Problem Solving

"We direct the body through the mind & the mind through the feet" - Tracy Courtney

Trail Riding

Trailer Loading

Obstacles & Water

Round Pen


Extreme Fear/Aggression

Wild Horses

Parameters (saddle)

Ground Rules (saddle)

Farrier Etiquette

Touch Desensitization

Vet Etiquette

Time varies for # of participants & comprehension

Workshops - 3/4 hours $130 each