Tracy Courtney

Holistic Equine Mastery Program

Are you serious about Equine Mastery?

We are searching for a limited number of select individuals who have the drive and commitment to become a Certified Holistic Equine Master. You will receive detailed instruction & all of the holistic secrets to every aspect of understanding the root causes of all problems, how to fix them permanently & how to prevent them all together. The Holistic Equine Mastery program can't be found anywhere else. It offers revolutionary new ways of doing everything differently from anything you have ever learned previously. We will take you step-by-step through a series of modules that will cover ground-breaking new concepts & tools. Because everyone learns differently, we have designed the Holistic Equine Mastery program to be completed on a flexible schedule, at your own pace. We want to ensure full comprehension & ability before moving forward. Contact us today for more details!

"Lunging is the equivalent of a lobotomy" - Tracy Courtney



Ground Rules




Problem Solving (Ground)

Parameters (Saddle)

Ground Rules (Saddle)

Problem Solving (Saddle)

Trail Riding

Obstacles & Water

Trailer Loading

Foals/Young Horses

Bridless Riding

Wild Horses

Barn Etiquette

Farrier Etiquette

Vet Etiquette

Desensitization to Touch



Before the First Ride

The First Ride

After the First Ride