Tracy Courtney



This is this foundation of shifting into Holistic Equine Mastery, that offers cutting edge information, diagrams and tools to help you learn to understand the root causes of all unwanted behaviour & why, when & how to create lasting solutions. 

Fearless will give you the conceptual & practical ability to read every horse in every situation & how to apply a simple formula to correct all common problem behaviours & common health issues, without having to address them individually or directly. These revolutionary new techniques will guide you through the art of understanding the mental, emotional, physical and psyche of horses and how to rewrite natural instinct which has always been considered unchangeable, to create total balance . 

These workshops must be experienced in the order given, as they are the unfoldment of a brand new process that will teach you the opposite of everything you thought you knew about horses

"We direct the body through the mind 

& the mind through the feet"

- Tracy Courtney


Up Close & Personal

As simple as the 5 steps in Parameters seems, it is a very powerful tool to begin to change current ideas of working with horses. There is a lifetime of research that has gone into developing this series & many underlying principles are unrealized, until they are brought forward for examination. All horses share a distinct connection that has been lost between horses & humans over time. Terms have been created to try to explain this connection, such as energy. How do you define energy? Is it something invisible & out of reach like wifi? Parameters will show you how to quantify, understand & reconnect to horses in a practical & actionable process. You will learn how this connection affects your relationship in predictable patterns & has a huge impact on your ability to understand & solve problems. There will be homework that involves listing & rating behaviours with an emotional scale. Parameters is the first step to a new way of seeing, feeling, acting & being one with horses. We will cover topics such as:

- Understanding, creating & maintaining the connection

- Bell Mare emulation

- Where, how & why to begin

- Equine learning curves

- Creating confidence & relaxation in explosive & aggressive horses

- Decoding basic body language

- Intro of the emotional scale, self-control & a redirection cue

- Intro to phases, sensitization & their importance for balance

- Using the lead as guidance instead of control & how it facilitates the connection

- Creating discussions with choices & opinions/opening a dialogue with your horse

- Redirection instead of correction

- Understanding & expressing emotional volcanic eruptions

- Why addressing behaviour individually or directly is unnecessary

- When, why & how to quit

Parameters has been designed to solve the following issues, however you will notice changes in all aspects of interacting with your horse;

kicking, ground/cross tying, biting, trampling, spooking, jigging, circling, bolting, balking, eating grass, dominance & aggression

Workshop time varies for # of participants & comprehension

Workshops​ range 4 to 6 hours

Ground Rules


As the second part of the FEARLESS series, you will use lunging as a perfect resource to continue to create & maintain the mental connection & learn deeper mental, emotional & psychological aspects of  becoming a Master Horseman.  We will cover topics such as:

- The truth about lunging & what it really teaches your horse

- Deeper insights into learned helplessness & creating discussions through choices & opinions

- Decoding & understanding deeper meanings of body language

- Creating mental, emotional & physical balance

- Recognizing & releasing worry & fear permanently

- Clarifying & minimizing cues

- How less is so much more

- Clarifying negative & positive reinforcement and punishment

- The real root causes of unwanted behaviour

- How conditioning allows the expression and release of unbalanced emotions

- How force, drilling, micromanagement & gadgets create a dictatorship & disconnection

Host is always free for workshops


Rewriting Opposition Reflex

A horses natural instinct is to avoid & move into pressure. During this workshop, we will rewrite this natural instinct & help your horse become comfortable with handling from mouth to tail. This will solve many common unwanted behaviours, such as problems bridling, bitting, floating, handling ears,  legs & feet, cinching issues & much more.

Workshops - $130 each


Optimal Learning Environment

- The secret to habits and patterns for confident and unconfident horses

- Long and short horses

- Replacing drilling with Variables

- How and why Variables open the door to  the emotional flow system

- Replacing the chair in the seat of consciousness

- How to use energy to the benefit of both of you

- Timing, cues and refining body language

- Creating a cue to eliminate spooking and bolting

- Using obstacles, tricks & puzzles to create interest and deeper mental, emotional and physical balance & connection

- How Variables translate to the saddle

Auditors Welcome - $40


In the Saddle

This workshop focuses on letting go & creating balanced mental, emotional & physical flow. You will begin by practicing Parameters on the ground to ensure you & your horse are connected & ready to move forward. You will receive new tools to help you release & balance any fearful emotions you may have prior to mounting. You will receive tools & understanding to solve common problems for horses that won't stand to mount & any other unwanted behaviour that may arise. After mounting, you will be guided through the necessary steps to learn how to maintain the mental connection as you learn how to use the reins as guidance instead of control. You will practice gaits & transitions with a much deeper meaning of how important the proper execution of these foundational movements are for the mental, emotional & physical wellbeing of your horse & everything else you do moving forward. We will circle back to concepts from the original Parameters workshop to provide new understandings of how to transfer these concepts to the saddle; listening, recognizing & releasing unbalanced emotions for both of you

- Maintaining the connection

- Where, how & why to begin

- Learning curves revisited

- Creating confidence & relaxation in explosive & aggressive horses

- Decoding body language/behaviour

- Transferring the redirection cue

- Revisiting phases & sensitization

- Using the reins as guidance instead of control

- Choices & opinions, maintaining a dialogue with your horse

- Redirection instead of correction

- When, why & how to quit

- When your horse fully trusts you, there's nothing they won't do for you

Personal Instruction - $80/hr or $140/2hrs

Personal Instruction for Two People - $70/hr or $120/2hrs

A travel fee of 55 c/km over 40km will apply

Ground Rules

In the Saddle

This workshop focuses on becoming the flow & one with your horse. You will begin by practicing Parameters in the saddle to ensure you and your horse are connected & have a balanced mental, emotional & physical flow. We will address any mental, emotional or physical tensions before moving forward. This workshop will focus on moving from the mental connection with your horse to a much deeper physical connecting which can lead to the elimination of the bridle if you choose to work toward that goal. You will learn to begin communicating effectively with your body as your horse begins to understand this new language & learn to connect with all of the parts of your horse's body

Optional Full Day Double Workshop

For those interested in details of decoding the equine mind & body

PIE (Physical Indicators of Emotion)

Decoding the Psyche

Most people who drive cars aren't interested in how the engine works, they just want to get in, 

start the car & drive. PIE & PID are for those who are interested in the details of how the engine works & are ready to roll up their 

sleeves to get their hands dirty. PIE bridges the communication gap by showing you how to understand what your horse is thinking 

& feeling in every moment. It's about moving beyond the common physical aspects of training, which are only 1/3 of the equation 

& adding the mental & emotional aspects to create whole balance. Our choices are governed by our emotions to a larger 

degree then we realize. Emotions strongly affect learning, they are intertwined with perception & attention & they interact 

with learning & memory. Emotional stimulation has a great bearing on the association & retention of memories. Emotional 

elevation over-rides our ability to think, be observant & rational. You will learn how emotional elevation affects you & your

 horse in dramatic ways & can answer many problem behaviours.   We will cover topics such as:

- Bell Mare teaching process

- Decoding more advanced body language & what your horse is telling you

- Mental & emotional thought processes

- Emotional & resistance scales

- Energy defined into a practical process

- Non-verbal sensory awareness

- Matching intention, not emotions

- Forward & reverse thinking processes

- Local & focal tracking

- Perceptions; scanning vs panning

- The preservation loop; welling up & physical hypersensitivity

- Opening the closed emotional flow system

- How emotions affect the body; clustering

- Mechanics of rewriting natural instinct

- The importance of investment for maintaining the connection

- Environmental & taught habits

- Incompatible behaviours

- Progression regression, habit escalation & the box of habits

Double workshop - $500/per person

A travel fee of 55c/km over 40 km will apply

PID (Physical Indicators of Dis-Ease)

Decoding Health & Wellness

This workshop will revolve around the effects of unbalanced emotions on the physical body. Through specific movements with your own body, you will see how unbalanced emotions are responsible for common health & wellness issues & see how your horse feels at this moment.  We will discuss this topic in more detail & examine your own horses body, posture & movements. You will understand the cause of common myths relating to how your accident prone horse is really not accident prone at all, why horses trip & stumble,  common chronic lameness issues, colic, ulcers, weight loss, cribbing, weaving & hunter's bump, among others can be prevented. We will also use the photo in the background to demonstrate how the health issues experienced by this horse are all evident in the photo. This double workshop will facilitate a deeper understanding of how health & wellness issues are created & rewritable. You will never look at horses the same way again