Although Emotional Balancing seems passive, 

like we aren't really doing anything, it's a much more subtle, sophisticated & eloquent form of communication

"When you speak; your horse is silent, when you are silent; your horse speaks" - Tracy Courtney

I have dedicated my life to the observation & study of the horse/human relationship & the intricate inner workings of the equine mind. 

I am here to change the perceptions of everything you thought you knew. These revolutionary new techniques centre 

around Emotional Balancing & redirecting thoughts instead of correction, which will eliminate the need for 

common current methods of force, dictation, drilling, gadgets, lunging & learned helplessness.

FEARLESS is a role reversal, where horses become the teachers & humans become the students. FEARLESS is the 

equivalent of animal communication, offered in a practical & actionable step-by-step process, that everyone can learn. 

By slowing down to observe & understand the details of your horse's body language, you will begin 

to understand what your horse is thinking & feeling in every moment. You will begin to see through the first part 

of the process; PARAMETERS, why it's not necessary to address behaviour individually or directly & how you've been 

conditioned to teach your horse to become mentally, emotionally & physically scattered & disconnected. 

You are not learning something new, but are uncovering what's been hidden in plain sight all along.

"You must always be willing to truly consider evidence that contradicts your beliefs and admit that you may be wrong. 

Intelligence isn't knowing everything. It's the ability to challenge everything you know. " - Tracy Courtney

It's time to change the old paradigm of how we see horses & begin to communicate through the natural language of 

non-verbal sensory awareness. This will enable you to have practical conversations with your horse. You will no longer 

have to rely on (mis)information from external sources. You will now be able to have discussions with your own horse, 

to understand the root cause of all unwanted behaviour, how to work together as a team to create lasting solutions 

& how to allow your horse to lead the discussion so you can ask the right questions. 

The reason these techniques are the opposite of everything you've been taught about horses is because the information 

hasn't been handed down from textbooks, videos or human to human, and modified over time. It has come directly from 

the countless horses & people that I have helped over the years & have taken the time to listen to...

"We are always trying to put bandaids on outcomes instead of addressing the root causes of input, that create the outcomes"

- Tracy Courtney

Parameters - Fearless Series

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As a result of not having enough time for my own facility & horses, the decision was made to offer a mobile service only. You are required to provide the space & equipment necessary for the topics of interest. We can work anywhere & under any circumstance, including travelling to parks, shows or wherever needed. I recommend everyone start with the Fearless foundation, but in-depth sessions are offered for any interest. We can create personal sessions that cater to your preference of duration & content



FEARLESS doesn't give you 

a key, it removes the door

This process is about helping both you & your horse release & balance mentally, emotionally & physically. If you're not willing to explore your own thoughts, beliefs & actions, nothing will change

With the help of your horse, you will learn to quiet your mind & live in the moment, as horses do. How to allow your horse to lead the conversation so you can ask the right questions, to understand the root causes of all unwanted behaviour & how to apply a simple formula that will solve any problem. This includes behaviours previously considered to be irreversible like weaving & cribbing 

"Mastery is not found in the pursuit of becoming, but in the realization of unbecoming"

- Tracy Courtney

What's New?


1.  Free Parameter Demo

We are offering free introductory Parameters demos in exchange for allowing full video coverage

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2.  Workshops

You will receive detailed instruction & tools to help you understand & redirect behaviour as you move through the steps with your horse

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3. Personal Instruction

We will travel to you. There is no topic too big or small that can't be solved. Every person & horse is unique, so we tailor each session to your individual needs

New Keys


.Equine Mastery Series

Our Equine Mastery series is the culmination of a lifetime of research, that gives you the foundation of our brand new concepts & tools, that won't only show you how to solve all problems, but how to prevent them from happening altogether. Our revolutionary new Emotional Balancing techniques will provide in-depth understanding of the human/horse relationship & delve deep into the inner workings of the equine mind

* Parameters - Connect

* Ground Rules 1 - Communicate

* Ground Rules 2 - Problem Solve

* Physical Hypersensitivity - Feel

* Variate - Understand

* PIE/PID - Listen & Hear

* Saddle 1 - Mental Connection

* Saddle 2 - Physical Connection

* Saddle 3 - Problem Solving

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